Sanitary Pump

UniBoost supply a wide range of Sanitary pumps, which are made from high quality rolled stainless steel. Our range of sanitary pumps feature unique designs, trouble free safe and smooth operation. Designed to meet the hygienic requirements of the dairy, food and beverage and personal care industries, UCS centrifugal pumps increase process productivity while providing high efficiency and gentle product handling.We also customize these pumps as per the specific requirements of clients.

Features :

> As all pumps are made from rolled stainless steel, mechanical properties are far superior then cast material.

> Pore free, non-pitting and non-adhering smoother surface, so less friction losses, and less crevice corrosion.

> Super finish surface also ensure no ingress or emission of germs or impurities during pumping or idling which  is basic requirement of sterile hygienic application.

> Designed for CIP (clean in place) or manual cleaning

> Pumps are highly energy efficient and requires less NPSH to function without cavitations

> Pump can handle liquids having viscosities up to 1500 centipoise

> The pumps can work under a vacuum of 720 mm of Hg, suitable for vacuum evaporators.

> Pumps are available with open/semi open impellers.

> The best elastomers are used in the pumps to provide optimum resistance for high temperatures and  chemicals.

> Dynamically combinations of seal faces as per customer\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s requirement (single seal / double seal, seal external cooling)

> Suitable for standard motor or flange type or foot cam flange type motor or engine

> Monoblock or bare pumps or with trolley

> Also with flame proof motors

Specification :

Material of Construction

  • Casing: AISI 316 / 316L / 304 L / 304
  • Impeller: AISI 316 / 316L / 304 L / 304
  • Wear plate: AISI 316 / 316L / 304 L / 304
  • Shaft: AISI 316 / 316L / 304 L / 304
  • Seal: TC / TC, SIC / SIC, SS/Carbon or
  • even seal in special application
  • Motor Cover: SS-304 /S202
  • Gasket: Viton / Nitrile / Silicon / PTFE