UGM Pump

Uni Boost gear pump Model “UGM” which is  compact size and flange mounting type positive displacement Trochoid gear pump.  The design of the pump is geroter based.  Due to accuracy of the geroters, the whole pump assembly  becomes compact and absolutely free from any noise.  Based on mounting, these pump are made of flange type.  These pumps are widely used where minimum flow of liquid is required.  As per  the rate of delivery, there are eight size available.  These pumps can be operated up to  pressure of 10 kg/cm²  with 0.5 LPM to 40 LPM flow capacity and viscosity range 10 to 1000 CST.  The delivery rate is given in LPM at 1440 RPM of the shaft.  These can be run in the  range of 100 to 200 RPM and maximum temperature 80ºc.

Features :

> High  reliable.

> Easily portable.

> Base plate, Coupling, Coupling Guard is not required.

> Compact size and Space saving model.

> In built relief valve available.

> Self priming pump.

> Bi-direction positive displacement pump.

Specification :

Typical Liquid List
Lubrication Oils, Fuel Oils like HSD, LDO, Furnace Oil, Transformer Oils, Palm Oil, Hydraulic Oils, Additives, Shampoo, Coconut Oil and Media having good lubricating properties.

Prime Mover

  • Three Phase AC Motor
  • Single Phase AC Motor
  • DC Motor
  • Directly Couple to PTO Shaft