End suction Pump

Uniboost “UC” Series is a horizontal single stage, Back pull out design as per ISO 2858.Standard design is foot mounted, In this design for the facility of maintenance to easily removed without disturbing the motor form the base frame & the pump casing fixed to the pipe line.

Specification :

Volute Casing:
One piece self venting, high efficiency, volute casing suction and discharge ends as well as the supporting feet are integrally cast in the volute casing

Closed radially impeller specially designed for low NPSH requirement. Hydraulically balanced by back vanes and for large impeller diameters by balancing holes.

Shaft & Bearing:
The Shaft is guided in oil lubricated bearings. The alignment of bearing is ensured by appropriate centerings and modern manufacturing methods. Shaft is of high tensile steel and accurately grounded all over.

Shaft Sealing:
Supplied with either asbestos or graphite packing or M seal depends on liquid.

As per ASA/BS or DIN 2533 available.