Uni Boost gear pump Model “UGNX/UGBX” which is heavy duty flange and foot mounting type positive displacement rotary gear pump. These pumps having doubled helical finished gears and hardened & ground shafts. Due to double helical gear it prevent axial load and side thrust which help to increase life and performance of pump. Model “UGBX” is a bush bearing type pump which can be used for viscous liquid having sufficient lubricating value for intermittent duty; however for continuous duty pump have needle roller bearing in Model “UGNX” and it will be selected for liquid having low viscosity, power lubricating values. Pump up to 2 1/2” size can be run at 1440 RPM & for higher the speed should be reduced to 960 RPM or Lower. In these pumps size 1/2" to 2 1/2" are provided with thread at end of suction & delivery and they are available with foot or flange mounting, But in size 3" to 6" are provided with flange at the end of suction & delivery and they are available with foot mounting only. These pumps can be operated up to pressure of 21 kg/cm² with 5.0 LPM to 2082 LPM flow capacity. These pumps are suitable for liquid up to viscosity of 1, 00,000 SSU and maximum temperature up to 200°c.

Features :

Internal Power losses:

UniBoost Gear Pumps are of 2 types. The mechanical loss is the power required to overcome friction drag of all the moving part within the pump while viscous loss is power loss due to fluid viscous drag & shearing action of the fluid.

Horse Power Calculation:

The bhp required to drive a UniBoost pump is sum of theoretical HP & internal losses. The former is the actual work done in moving the fluid from inlet pressure condition to outlet pressure condition & is product of constant C=0.037, capacity in M3/hr. & pressure I Kg/cm2 or constant C=2.3, capacity in GPM & pressure in PSI.

Specification :

Material of Construction

  • Pump Body: CI/CS/SS
  • Front Cover: CI/CS/SS
  • Back Cover: CI/CS/SS
  • Gland Cover: CI/CS/SS
  • Rotor/Stator Shaft: EN-19/SS
  • Gear: EN-24/SS
  • Needle/Bush Bearing: INA/IKO(UGBX), NON Ferrous(UGFX)
  • Wear Plate: Bronze
  • Sealing: Z Teflon / Mech. Seal
  • R.V. Housing: Mild Steel/SS
  • R.V. Piston: EN – 8/SS
  • R.V. Spring: Mild Steel
  • R.V. AD. Screw: EN-8
  • Key: EN-8
  • Hex - Bolt: Mild Steel