High Pressure Pump

Uniboost High pressure pumps is designed with Advanced Pump Technology which ensure quality, reliability and efficiency. Our high pressure pumps are Horizontal, simplex or Triplex positive displacement plunger pumps.
Pump drive end assemblies are of rugged construction with high quality materials and heavy duty taper roller bearings. Bearings are lubricated by splash lubrication. Pumps are designed to permit rapid and economical maintenance, particularly regarding plunger, packing and valves are manufactured to ensure accurate alignment on reassembly.

Features :

> Extra Strong, Heavy Duty Power frame ensures uninterrupted smooth long life

> Wide variety of valves are available to suit different pumping fluids and applications

> Three piece liquid end block design avoids any possibility of block cracking

> Spring loaded Plunger / Special Gland Packing always ensures leak free pumping service

> Reversible valve seats double the normal life of valve seats thus become long lasting quite smooth operation.

> Totally dependable, reliable and efficient performance

> Easy to maintain, simple to repair and nominal maintenance cost.

Specification :

Fluid can be accelerated to very high velocities through a nozzle by the application of sufficient hydraulic horsepower. Hydraulic horsepower is proportional to the product of fluid pressure and the volume delivered. Fluid velocity is proportional to the pressure developed through a nozzle orifice. The impact of high pressure fluid jets can remove deposits which defy mechanical cutting tools, without any damage to underlying materials by correct selection of nozzles, accessories and power sources.

The High Pressure Unit consists of the following:
> High Pressure Reciprocating (Simplex / Duplex / Triplex) Pump.
> Prime Mover : Electric Motor / Diesel Engine.
> Mounting : Base Plate / Trolley / Trailer.
> Pulley set with belts and guard or Coupling with guard.
> Standard Accessories : Pressure Gauge, Pressure Regulating Valve, Safety Valve, Strainer.
> Cleaning Accessories (Optional)