Self Priming Mud Pump

Uni boost Self Priming Centrifugal De watering Pumps are designed and manufactured for optimum efficiency to cater different needs of water handling. The pump construction is suitable for handling muddy & sewage water, contaminated water with solids up to 40mm.

Features :

> Efficient design and performance as available in international market

> Automatic air releasing while priming is design specialty with added feature of quick and self-priming

> Design of impeller is semi open / open vane type for non-clogging and unable to handle solids.

> Back pull out design for repair possible without distributing pipelines

> All rotating parts are dynamically balanced for smooth running and low vibration

> Long product life due to replaceable wearing parts

> Available in Monoblock Pump set and bare pump design

> Bare pump can be coupled with either motor or engine

> Motor designed for wide voltage fluctuations for monoblock pump sets

     *  From 180 to 240 volts for single phase

     *  From 350 to 450 volts for 3 phase

> Easy maintenance due to availability and interchangeability of spares

Specification :


Head: 6 to 34 Meters
Discharge: 76.8 to 1.0lit per second
Pipe Size: 40 x 40 to 150 x 150 mm

Power Rating

For motor drive bare pump : 0.75 kW to 18.70 kW (1.00 HP to 25.00 HP)
For engine drive bare pump: 4.00 kW to 19.50kW (6.00 HP to 26.00 HP)